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  5. "The shop sells fresh fruits."

"The shop sells fresh fruits."

Translation:Díolann an siopa torthaí úra.

December 31, 2014



@eoin, when in doubt with adjective (even some gaeilgeoirí get confused at times...) use this site: http://www.teanglann.ie/en/gram/Úr/ (url breaks after ú so add the r again...)


I see on the,yeannglann page referenced in the comparative and superlative- ní b'úire and ab úire - can you tell me what these are? I've seen these before in reference works but with no explanation of what they are. Sorry if I am jumping the gun. Haven't seen this in CB Grammar. GRMA


They are the past tense forms.

Tá an ubh níos úire ná an t-ispín - "the egg is fresher than the sausage"
Bhí an ubh ní b'úire ná an t-ispín - "the egg was fresher than the sausage"


When do you use úr and when do you use úra. I mean when does one use


úr is the singular adjective, úra is the plural

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