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Still think you're correct?

Has anyone ever gotten a reply when responding to this?

I am slow to learn languages and make lots of mistakes, so I rarely say that I think I am still correct. HOWEVER, I speak English well, and there have been rare instances of poor English grammar. Much more often it is a case of choosing the second or third translation of a word offered by Duolingo, or choosing a word that has an identical meaning in English to the first translation offered by Duolingo. I have gotten responses in the German Duolingo: "Thanks! Fixed it." But never a response in the Spanish Duolingo. Should I simply ignore this option?

November 4, 2012



Thanks for this. Your feedback is really appreciated, and we do try to make use of it all. Unfortunately, we don't have the resources to reply to every message we get. This is especially the case when learning Spanish, since there are more people learning it, and therefore we get about 4 times more Spanish feedback than for the other languages.


I've had the same experience, and I mentioned it to Luis von Ahn when he responded to a suggestion I made about something else. He said that they have a very small staff, and simply don't have enough time to respond to the avalanche of corrections they receive. I'm surprised to hear that you received a response in the German part of the website, but maybe the person responsible for that tries harder to respond, or maybe your correction was so obviously necessary that it didn't require any group discussion. In any case, Luis von Ahn assured me that they do make use of the corrections and alternative sentences they receive, and the exercises do gradually seem to be getting longer lists of "right answers". So I feel that it's still worth doing, although I agree that getting absolutely no feedback for doing so is discouraging.


@bf2010: When you get a response to a suggestion, it is typically fixed within ~3 hours.


By the way, I am fairly confident of my reading and writing skills at the level of the lessons (although my conversational skills are atrocious), and I give at least one "incorrect" answer that I think is as good or better than the ones the website thinks are correct almost every time I do a practice session.


@ErnestoEnrique We typically don't reply when you're wrong, because people want to know why and we don't have the resources to handle these.


Who knows if they change it or if it's just an automated response.


I had a reply recently saying they had fixed something I suggested was correct in a French lesson. It had said I was wrong when I translated 'soir' as 'evening'. However I have had no response to suggestions in the Spanish section.


I actually have received a positive response twice for corrections I submitted to their teaching sentences in the Spanish section.

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I agree with DonnaMarie; I too have got responses for corrections I submitted in the Spanish section; so it is not simply an automated response. Of course it still is up to Duolingo to accept or reject our suggestions (whether we like that or not); what I would like to have in this context is a "time frame" in which we find our suggestions accepted or rejected because, when I come across a "wrong" sentence again, it would be helpful if I could use "my" (hopefully accepted) version or if I have to use the "right" (=Duolingo) version every time. Any suggestions Luis ?

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@Luis; thanks for your quick answer; it was not quite what I had wanted to know; so to repeat it for thick-headed people like me: Duolingo is right until I get a response to my suggestion, after which (within 3 hours or so) I can use my own suggestion in the exercises. :-) oh well.


I reported something - that the English should read "an apple" not "a apple" - something like that - and got a response promptly that it was fixed. I've reported other English translations - only to find that my English wasn't correct - and I'm a native speaker (misplaced adverbs around forms of "to be" I think.) What are they supposed to say in that case - "No, you're wrong."? :)


@Luis - Of course. I wouldn't expect a response. It was only after two or three times that I got it wrong that I looked it up and found my mistake. Seems I've been careless all my life with the placement of some modifiers. :)

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    I got a response once for Spanish for something that was REALLY obvious (a bug in the code maybe) but never got a response otherwise (out of roughly 20 suggestions I submitted). It was definitely a real email, not automated.

    So would it be possible to AUTOMATICALLY send an email if a suggestion is accepted? Like with a click of a button? I agree it is not necessary to send a response if a suggestion is not accepted. It would just be good to know when your suggestion was considered correct.

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