"Barnen har sköldpaddor."

Translation:The children have turtles.

December 31, 2014

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So how long does it take to be able to use all these plurals fluently in everyday speech for non-native speakers?


Impossible to give a general answer. With practice, time and patience, one will learn eventually.


Why isn't it The child has turtles?


the child would be barnet. Also, barn is ett-word, so in plural definite form (the children) all ett-words (that ends with a consonant), ends with suffix -en. I'm a learner too, so I hope it is correct and I hope this will help you :)


How do you say sköldpaddor? I tried over and over, but still no possitive outcome. Are there more people with this problem?


I saw on a different comment someone mention the candle method. the "Sk" is supposed to sound like you're blowing out a candle. I'm just a learner myself so if anyone knows anything about this more in depth feel free to correct me, but that method helped me to pronounce this word.

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    how to know it is "the children" not "children"


    Because barn has the article ett, in the plural it stays as barn. Aka Ett barn= a child Barnet= the child Barn= children Barnen= the children


    I have this correct.

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