"Varför ringer hon mig inte?"

Translation:Why does she not call me?

December 31, 2014

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This sentence construction feels very confusing.


I see "5 months ago," so this comment may be a bit late. Sorry. Varför is at the beginning of the sentence because it is a question word, ringer comes before hon because Swedish has the whole V2 verb order thing, and inte comes at the end because that's just what Swedish does.


It's great that you bring it up, we had missed this one. I think it's better to say that the rule for questions is that the verb must come before the subject. After all, if there's no question word, the verb will be the first word in a question. Also, I've written some more about word order here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/8970470


Can I say varför ringer inte hon mig?..... Or.... Varför ringer han inte mig?


Yes, you can :).

Varför ringer inte hon mig? = Why doesn't she call me?
Varför ringer han inte mig? = Why doesn't he call me?


Never mind the he or she, but the order is actually important! The default order is "Varför ringer hon mig inte?".

If you wonder why she is not calling you, then you can change the sentence to "Varför ringer inte hon mig?" (like "all the others are calling me, but why isn't she").

If you wonder why she is not calling you, then you can change the sentence to "Varför ringer hon inte mig?" ( like "she calls everyone else, but why is she not calling me as well").

For sub-clauses, it works differently, but let's skip that for now :).


I'm sorry I changed the subject...what I meant was: is changing the position of (inte) okay in these sentences.....thanks for reply :)


So the order of (inte) isn't important.. There is no rule for it right :)


Thanks you guys! This helps a lot.


It's actually the first time I've ever seen a German-like construction like that in another language. "Warum ruft sie mich nicht (an)?" I feel at home.


I wrote "Why doesn't she ring me?" and it was marked as correct.


"Why doesn't she call me" should be accepted. It is not as for Feb 14, 2021.


That's actually listed as accepted, so either you had a typo or there was a bug.

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