"Det är en liten värld."

Translation:It is a small world.

January 1, 2015

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Duolingo, if I hear that song ONE MORE TIME, MY STREAK IS A GONER, AND YOU AND MY LAPTOP ARE OUT THE WINDOW!!! Ah, got that out. Much better.


Thank you Potato Santa, this made me cry with tears of gratitude towards the human spirit. That was actually a gorgeous video and during a pandemic we are learning that indeed we have a small world. We are all in it together.

The Swedish children singing in Swedish was adorable. I learned to sing this in Swedish as a child but I didn't understand most of it, and now after 325 days of DuoL, I understand most of the words. Wow.


Det är en lite värld trotts allt, en lite, lite värld...


The Swedish lyrics are actually Våran värld är inte stor. :)


Does this have the same meaning in English, meaning that it shows "your surprise that people or events in different places are connected"?


I missed this somewhere, or have forgotten : why can't we use "små" here?


I've not covered it in a while, but I'm almost certain that "små" is used for plurals, and "liten/litet" in the singular. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, though! :-)


Yes, I thought it was only used for plural, but couldn't find the spot where it'd been discussed. Thanks for the help!


AARRGGHHH Now I have that song as an earworm! NOOOO! (BTW, is there a Swedish version of earworm?)


We say that we have a song på hjärnan - "on the brain". :)


in 1964, in disneyworld, the sherman brothers made a place called "it's a small world after all" that started in new york.


i started to love the song when i first rode in that ride when i was four in 2016. it spread all over the world.

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