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sale VS mauvais/mauvaise?

I got confused by one of the Duolingo exercises about the differences of this adjectives. Please give as many examples as possible. Merci.

November 4, 2012



"Sale" means "dirty" and "mauvais" means "bad"--they're both used in about the same way as their English equivalents. This is a good dictionary if you need to look things up: http://www.larousse.com/en/dictionaries/french


To me, it sounds like Duolingo was just plain wrong on that one--report it if it comes up again.


@ dfs90: Is your problem the meaning of the words or the fact that " sale" is used for both masculin and feminine, while "mauvais" is the masculine form and "mauvaise" is the feminine form.


The meaning. Duolingo is amazing but confusing sometimes it told me that the translation of "The woman is bad" was "La femme est sale". (instead of "mauvaise") That's where my confusion started, any thoughts? Thanks

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