Hey, Gente:

I'm wondering if any of you know of a good sight for reading books in Spanish online. I'm partial to books that aren't novels or short stories. I'm thinking something serious but interesting, nothing about actually teaching your Spanish. History perhaps?


November 4, 2012


If you are interested in literature history, a book about that would be a good choice. Some years ago I read a Spanish literary history with not more knowledge than good Italian, acceptable French and a small Spanish/Dutch dictionary. the nice thing about it was the fact, that half the words are intuitively understandable because the technical terms are nearly identical in those languages.

Yeah, that sounds good. If you have a title (even better, a link for online reading), that's greatly appreciated.

Right, I looked on the net and got this: .It seems a literary history from the beginning of the Spanish language. (Roman origins etc.) Have fun.

Thanks for the link. I hope it's not too literature, cause I like reading history, etc. instead. But maybe it has some of that.

Thanks again!

Here's a link to Project Gutenbergs collection of spanish books.

These are all free because they are out of copyright and thus will all be older than 75 years. Some are history. Hope you find something of interest.

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