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How to say "to" in Spanish.

I read on this website http://spanish.about.com/cs/grammar/a/porpara.htm that "para" is used when talking about direction to a specific place.

When going to a general place, I believe you use "a." So if I am traveling to Germany, or Hungary, or Latin America, should I use "para," and if I am just going to the store or to someone's house should I use "a?"

If anyone is familiar with German, is it similar to using "zu" vs "nach?"

3 years ago

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"Me voy para Alemania" | "Me voy a Alemania" "Se van para Francia" | "Se van a Francia" "Me voy para la tienda" | "Me voy a la tienda"

all of them are correct. :D just that using "a" is more common.

3 years ago