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Instructions in language being learned

I think it would be great if after you learn the directions in english, they switched to whatever language you were learning to give even more of an immersive experience. Same with the rest of the duolingo site itself.

July 22, 2013



I think maybe when you reach a certain level you should have the option to switch the site to the language you are learning. This has been suggested before a couple of times, and I still think it's a good idea. @Zanoma, Switching your devices to the language you are learning can be confusing at first, but once you learn the basics, you can navigate your way around pretty well. Most of the time the menus are still the same, so the positioning of each menu is still the same, just different writing, which you can figure will mean the same thing.


The bar at the top contains 5 sections, not to many easily learnable. But now go into immersion for instance, here you'll find:

"Immerse yourself Read and translate real Spanish articles"

"Help the world! While you read and edit Spanish articles you help us translate the whole internet one piece at time." (someone should fix that typo at the end btw)

along with 12 categories. If duolingo is going to offer you to convert the website to a language, it will also need to provide lessons for you to learn to navigate it in that language, and there is simply no way you can make a coherent lesson pack around such complex sentences, nor should you push that upon any users.

I believe that the site should revolve around giving you the capacity to learn the language. To do that, it needs to be easily navigable. Of course, what is being suggested here by walmas would be entirely optional to the user, but it still takes time from the duolingo staff that could be put into more valuable additions.

Also, the menus have changed quite drasticly within a years period, so coherency is far to look for.


Ok, I suppose you have a point, but at least allow for an option to be able to change it, because I can remember that sort of thing very easily..

EDIT: Plus, if you never actually start using the language you will never learn it.. Yes it might be difficult to understand all the writing, but you will once you know what it says, and then that knowledge can be applied to other things too..


I don't think the idea of immersing yourself further is bad, but duolingo is a system built around immersion, the user should always be able to fall back on that system.

use other sources. For instance i just started playing New Vegas in spanish. It's not going very well but it sounds cool!


Awesome, All my stuff is set in french atm xD


or maybe even in the first few levels the directions are in both languages and then they switch to the language you are learning.

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