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Can't see level progress on iPhone anymore...

Before the last update, I could see my progress between levels, but now I am unable to do so. It really motivated me being able to see how many points away I was from the next level, and while I can still see the bar on the desktop version, I was wondering why it got taken off the iPhone.


July 22, 2013



Sorry about that, we wanted to change where the level progress appeared in the last release, so we removed it from the top bar but ran out of time to put it back in. It is already implemented in the next update and should be available in a few days.


I have wondered the same thing. I like to set a goal when I log on to my phone by deciding how many more points I need to level up. I wish they put it back on the app :)


I agree. The bar with the streak is really good but having the level progress bar along the top was always a good way to motivate you to continue as you could see yourself getting closer to the next level.


testing my level .

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