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How does letter g pronounced before soft vowels and after r in swedish? Is that like j in journey?

Additional question: What about. Letter j? Is that like y in you?

January 1, 2015



Yes, the Swedish letter "j" is pronounced like "y" in "you". This means that the Swedish letter "g" is pronounced like "our j" (that is like "y" in "you") before soft vowels (e, i, y, ä and ö) and after "r" and "l".

ge - give
gissa - guess
gyllene - golden
Gävle (Swedish town)
Göran (male surname)
berg - mountain
älg - elk, moose

There are exceptions :). Right now I can think of some "ge-" words, where "g" is pronounced like "sj" in "sjuk" (ill), for example:
generad - embarrassed
gelé - jelly


g is commonly pronounced as 'sj' in French loan words, specifically. They usually have e or i following it; 'giraff' would be an example to add to the ones you already mentioned.


Also worth noting that very similar words have been loaned from different languages, i.e general, gen and generera are pronounced with the j-sound (probably formed off of Latin roots, standard Swedish pronunciation). In contrast, we have generell, geni and genera from French with the sj-sound.


I thought so, but since I don't speak French at all I didn't dare to guess.

You just used the bratty semi-colon :).


What's bratty about a semicolon? It's good punctuation when used properly, as in this case.


It's a very good punctuation :)! But is very seldom used and when it is, it's often not correctly used. So those who master it just have to be bratty.

I am joking.

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