"Vi äter snart."

Translation:We are eating soon.

January 1, 2015

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To me it sounds like, "We eat snot." :) Simple present for habitual action.


That's what my brain made of it, too.


Glad I wasn't the only one


My Dutch brain made "we eat snert" out of it. "Snert" is Dutch pea soup.


Home cooked snot is the best.


Every time I see this I have to go to the discussion. For some reason, it never ceases to amuse me.


Not just me, good to know.


Again, I went the "safe way" and translated "We eat soon." However, it would be much more natural to say, "We'll eat soon" in English. Here are the situations where we use the simple present: http://www.perfect-english-grammar.com/present-simple-use.html http://www.englishpage.com/verbpage/simplepresent.html


You're quite right. "We will eat soon" is an accepted translation, and if we don't accept the future tense in cases like this, please report them and we'll add them. Swedish uses present with a futural meaning much more often than English does. In lessons that are not about that, we tend to stretch the use of the present tense in English in order to make it easier on learners.


Yes, of course. It especially makes it easier for timed practice tasks. I just wonder if "We'll eat soon" should be the translation that actually appears. Are these sentences used in the reverse tree? Actually, I don't even know if there IS a reverse tree.


There's no reverse tree (yet), but the main translation must always be used in the reversed sentence. So if I'd change the main translation, the new sentence would show up for people to translate into Swedish, and then they'd think, wait, I haven't learned the future tense yet, help! That's what we're trying to avoid, but you're totally right that will eat is a much better translation here, and it's good that you're pointing it out.


Personally, I would go with “we are eating soon”, which is also present tense and doesn’t feel artificial to my American ears.


And so, should 'We will be eating soon' also not be accepted?


Sounds like "Vi ater snot."


I'm trying to put my own sentences together. Using 'soon', could I say "it doesn't come soon enough" by "det kommer snart tillräcklig inte"?


I think it sounds like "vi öter snabbt"

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