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Dutch Language. Make friends. #Help

Hello guys, Im really getting into Dutch.. like, i reallyyyyy like it and get interested. I'm new here, but i practice my Dutch skill as intense as i can. And i think i need someone, who is really understand Dutch then help me to score me, test me, and help me to learn more about Dutch. I want to make a friend with everyone, and if you could help me, would you? Thank you so much :):):) i really appreciate your helps. - Nabilah (NabilahAy)

January 1, 2015



Hi Nabilah! If you have a Facebook account, you might want to check out our Duolingo learners group. There are 700 people there, fellow learners and native speakers, to practive with.


I noticed this link was given four years ago. But I am looking for native Dutch speakers to learn both language and culture from, is this still a good link for that? Or is there another forum, or duolingo related place that you would suggest?

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