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Immersion: translating street and place names

My understanding is that names of places and streets should be left as in the original language unless there is some well recognised English version. So Köln would be conventionally translate as Cologne in English but Colombey-les-deux-Églises would stay as is and not be rendered as Colombey the two churches. Similarly in street names my view is that "rue" "avenue", "place", "boulevard" etc are part of the name and should not be translated.

So if something happened say in Rue de Rennes I leave it as is. The trouble is I can virtually guarantee someone will change it to Rennes Street. Would they also put Champs Élysées Avenue? I also assume the French press don't describe our prime minister as living at 10 Rue Downing.

July 22, 2013



Exactly. Whenever you notice a translation in error you can always edit it. We'll also be getting some more guidelines up there, so that these cases are addressed.


Yes, I agree with all you have said. Wish we had a forum to exchange views on Immersion. So much time and effort is expended on repeated edits due to not having a common way of expressing things.

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