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Help with downvotes in Immersion

Someone went through one of the French-to-English Immersion articles and downvoted a lot of the passages that I had translated. They didn't offer alternate translations, and many of the passages were fairly simple sentences, so it seemed that they were just trolling.

Is there any way I can see who did this? Or should I contact DuoLingo about it? Does this happen often? It's rather annoying.


January 1, 2015



Agreed... Immersion can be really annoying sometimes. For example someone downvoted my translation only (?) because I wrote "football" instead of "soccer". Well, it didn't happen a lot of times with me, but it still annoys me because it can happen more frequently later... In my language, there is a phrase: everybody is the smith of his own success. That's why I don't quite like Immersion. My development depends on another person (/other people). Unfortunately I can't figure out a better solution. The system of Duo is about earning success (XP-s, lingots, levels), but one can loose his/her interest in translating/learning a language, because another person was trolling him/her. So... just like you, I am still waiting for an answer.


This happens often. That's why I pushed for about 4 hours to get to tier 5 so trollers would stop that. You can't really contact duolingo about it. If you told them through support then they would probably consider your request spam. You can't undo those sentences and I am pretty sure moderators can't undo the downvotes. You can't see who did this though.


Thanks to both of you for replying - it's unfortunate that there doesn't seem to be an obvious solution, other than either to ignore it or to work hard to get "promoted". I'm sorry this has also happened to you, but thanks for commiserating.


i agree. This happens alot with all services. Someone has downvotes us but we couldn't find them. It's frustrating. I think Duolingo may terminate this situation.


I hope you're right about DuoLingo finding a good solution to the problem!


https://www.duolingo.com/comment/6308962 Same Here !! I just saw your post 5 hours after I posted mine.. It's annoying~ I hope that there is a solution btw.. maybe the situations decrease when you have higher tier.. just get through it then you may be fine

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