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New Year-New Week?

I have a problem with my leaderboard for this week (and the daily xp), because it set the progress for this week back to zero- in the middle of the week. What it also did, was not counting al my xp I did today. I made 70 xp but it shows only 30. Is that a glitch and can it be fixed?

January 1, 2015



Mine is the same, except that it got my XP correct. I suspect that the algorythm they are using obtains the week number from the date, i.e. It is now week 1 of 2015, instead of counting from monday-sunday as a week even over the change of year. It should'nt be a major problem as long as they get your XP correct.


A clean slate to start off the language journey in the new year :)


a) the week number doesn't change in the middle of the week b) today I am starting at zero again(Monday)


You are correct according to the ISO leap week numbering system. However this allows for part of week 1 of 2015 to start in the later days of 2014. While this may be fine for many who use the ISO week but some people may prefer the Gregorian week which starts on the 1st of the month and consists of a short week at the start of the year if Day 1 does not start in Monday.

Of course other calendars may treat the problem differently.

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