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New Year-New Week?

I have a problem with my leaderboard for this week (and the daily xp), because it set the progress for this week back to zero- in the middle of the week. What it also did, was not counting al my xp I did today. I made 70 xp but it shows only 30. Is that a glitch and can it be fixed?

January 1, 2015



Mine is the same, except that it got my XP correct. I suspect that the algorythm they are using obtains the week number from the date, i.e. It is now week 1 of 2015, instead of counting from monday-sunday as a week even over the change of year. It should'nt be a major problem as long as they get your XP correct.


A clean slate to start off the language journey in the new year :)


a) the week number doesn't change in the middle of the week b) today I am starting at zero again(Monday)

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