"Jag kysser inte vem som helst!"

Translation:I do not kiss just anybody!

January 1, 2015

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Why did they add just . The word is not there the sentence I do not kiss anybody is perfectly clear .


I don't kiss whomever! is less confusing me for to memorize Vem Som Helst = whomever, and Någon as Anyone


I can not follow all the answers here under. I am Dutch speaking and I don't understand why the word 'just' is added in the translation from swedish to english. In my opinion the translation is: I do not kiss enybody. So why?


Idk if the just is only implied, but a translation without should be accepted as well, or not ?


I think there's a big difference in meaning. I don't kiss anybody means you are not kissing anybody, you're kissing nobody. But Jag kysser inte vem som helst means you're picky with who you kiss. Maybe you could make the first one in English sound like it meant the second thing if you said it with the right intonation, but how is the owl machine supposed to hear the difference? ;)


Then why not use the word bara


In my understanding, BARA is the synonym of ENDAST, which means ONLY or MERELY, therefore having BARA in the construction of the sentence doesn't make too much sense.


Surely then you would say "Jag kysser inte någon" :-(


Eller ingen, but true. Thx!


Yes that would probably be better!


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