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  5. "Varför kommer du inte?"

"Varför kommer du inte?"

Translation:Why are you not coming?

January 1, 2015



In english, I would interpet the sentence "Why don't you come?" as an invitation where as I would interpret "Why aren't you coming?" as a question after having stated that I'm not going somewhere. Does "Varför kommer du inte" refer to the latter of these two meanings or both? If yes, does it depend on context to tell? If no, what is the most common way to say "why don't you come" in Swedish?

[deactivated user]

    Wherefore art thou Romeo, i.e. Why are you a Capulet (or is it a Montague, forgotten me Shakespeare)


    Romeo-Montague Juliet-Capulet


    Could this be written "varför kommer inte du”?


    Yes, that also works. Word order can be changed for different emphases etc.


    What would the difference in emphasis between the original vs what ranyer_t said?


    Varför kommer du inte? is the default, neutral word order.
    Varför kommer inte du? puts emphasis on you. Maybe e.g. 'Why aren't YOU coming, everybody else is.'


    Why is "wherefore " not accepted?

    [deactivated user]

      Because, apart from Shakespeare, nobody talks that way in English, anymore. Been out of fashion for more than 400 years.


      Yes, that's precisely the reason we don't include it.


      why = how come. so why is "how come" not an acceptable translation for varför?


      How come is more like slang. It wouldn't be considered proper English.


      Can i say varför du kommer inte


      No, in questions, the verb must go before the subject.


      Why you are not coming Why do not you come both of them is not acceptable why ?


      First: in English when you want to make a question you should put the question word + v + s + obj your sentence was like this: question word + s +v+ obj and this is wrong in English.. Your second sentence is grammatically right but it's not in the right place.. When I ask you ( why are you not coming) it means that I want to know the reason.. But When I ask you ( why don't you come) It's like an invitation, a Suggestion, I hope you come or please come :)


      Wouldn't "Why did you not come" work?


      kommer is present tense


      Would that then be kommde?


      Could this also mean "Why don't you come?" ?

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