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  5. "In one way or another."

"In one way or another."

Translation:På ett eller annat sätt.

January 1, 2015



Is this an idiomatic expression?


Yes, pretty much.


"På ett sätt eller på ett annat" - fungerar det också?


No, but "på ett sätt eller ett annat" does.


jag ska få dig, få dig, få dig, få dig

(as an aside, would that even be the right 'get'? somehow I don't think that feels right)


It honestly doesn't translate very well into Swedish.


Is 'väg' not applicable here? I've tried every way I can think of to make it work in this context, but no dice.


No, that's not used in this way in Swedish at all. I commend you for trying various combinations, though. :)


What about "på något sätt eller ett annat"?


It's not really wrong but really not idiomatic at all.


In spoken Swedish do you make a pause between "ett" and "eller" or do you pronounce them together? I have the feeling that in this case "ett" should be stressed and separated from the next word. This is a general question about using "en" and "ett" on their own to mean the number "one".


They're separate words but they do kind of merge, just like any similar combination in most language. Same for English "or another" typically doesn't feature a very clear space between them.


Could someone provide a link or a thorough explanation about the uses of annat/annut/andra and other variations or look alike words or translation of "another/the other/etc…", please? I'm really confused by all of them.

Thank you.

  • annan = singular en-words: en annan stol
  • annat = singular ett-words: ett annat bord
  • andra = plurals: två andra böcker

These are all in the sense of "differently another". So if you say "I want to see a different movie", you use en annan film. But if you say "I want to see another movie" as in one more movie, you use en till, because then it's not instead of the first one.

That's probably not as exhaustive as you wanted, but it's hard to write extensively about a subject that's so broad. Feel free to ask follow-up questions.


Well, I may have just overcomplicated those in my head. As you put it, it's seems pretty straight forward.

I'll go with it, and if I stumble upon en till thing that confuses me about them, I'll be sure to ask.

Thank you.

Just one question : Is "annut" just a different way to write "annat"? Or something else? Or did I just dream it? I'm pretty sure I saw an "annut" in another sentence here…


annut is the Chuukese word for "sleep", according to Wiktionary, but it doesn't exist in Swedish. :)


Well, f***. If I start dreaming words even though I don't fully understand the one already existing, I'm off for a long time of frustration…

Thank you.

Which lesson is this sentence (the one of this topic) in, please? I'd like to try and apply what I've just learned.


I'd check for you but I'm not a contributor any longer so I honestly have no idea.


Oh, ok, my bad.

Thank you anyway.


I'm a contributor again now, so I checked. It's in the Abstract Objects 1 skill, second lesson. :)


This word order compared to the English is just horrible

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