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  5. "O agente limpa o espelho."

"O agente limpa o espelho."

Translation:The agent cleans the mirror.

July 22, 2013



The drop down definition of agente is agent, which I take to mean a representative of something/someone else (e.g., airline ticket agent, secret service agent, etc.) that is empowered to do some act/actions by the authority he or she represents. So, based on the use of agente the above sentence, is agente used the same way in Portuguese that it is in English, or is it used differently? You normally wouldn't expect an agent to clean a window.


Yes, the Portuguese meaning is the same... just a random sentence....


Agents cleaning mirrors????

As we Brazilians say: "não tá fácil pra ninguém" (it's not easy for anyone). His job isn't paying good money.

By the way, brazilian sentence has a double negation, and that's considered ok in Portuguese.


Hah, I assumed this was a cognate that had something to do with cleaning agents.


Like a chemical agent?? ...could be....not usual.


Could this perhaps be a real estate agent who is cleaning the mirror before showing the house to the clients?


It could in EP - we use "agente imobiliário" here in Portugal :)


Brigada Luis! Um agente imobilário que limpa o espelho antes de mostrar a casa aos clientes. Not sure if I said that right in Portuguese.


It's a perfectly-structured sentence to describe a diligent real estate agent - just remember "mobília" (furniture) instead of "mobilar" (to furnish a house) to get "imobiliário" right :) As you well know, "Brigada" is nonstandard - good for chats (and Duolingo comments), not for essays (or Duolingo exercises) :)


I don't think do.; For this we use "corretor (de imóveis)."


Actually the most logical translation would be cleaning lady/man


or could it be a spy, for example cleaning blood stains after an assasination? sorry for being so dramatic ;)


Depending on the location...yes!


Could be a car rental agent.


I typed in agent but the correction said the answer is "painter"...


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Is it true that "agente" means "we" in brazilian portuguese?


That would be "a gente"...


Agente= A kind of job. A(artigo) gente(subject)= We. A gente= Singular, We=Plural


They give two versions of the audio now, and the original sounds quite different. Sounded like chile rather than limpa.


I'm not sure, but does "agente" here mean "agente de casa" (maid/housekeeper)?


No... we don't have agente in this sense. It could be a chemical cleaning agent or 007, but it's not a common sentence anyway.

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