"Även en liten blomma behöver mycket vatten."

Translation:Even a small flower needs a lot of water.

January 1, 2015

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Is this a proverb? This sounds like a proverb!


That depends entirely on what kind of flower it is!


Coreopsis is one flower that doesn't need a lot of water.


Why is "Even a little bloom behooves much water" unacceptable?


Hahahaha the majority of people here aren't aristocracy or from the 18th century. Most of those words are very archaic XD it made me laugh quite hard though


Glad you enjoyed ;)

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What is the difference between "till och med" and "även"?


Even as a native speaker I'm not entirely sure if there is a major difference, but if I had to guess I would say "även" means "even" more in the neutral "also" sense, while "till och med" means "even" in the "even those, believe it or not" sense. There's more emphasis. I find it difficult to explain in clear terms.


Why not "till och med en blomma"? Are they both acceptable?


I just wrote it like that and it was accepted, so I guess yes. I rather wonder in which cases "Även" means "Even", since it seems to be not always the case and you should rather use "till och med"...


Surely little is an acceptable translation for liten? It was marked wrong!


It's definitely accepted in the admin interface, so I don't know why it was marked wrong.


This reminds me of how even if you feel insignificant, you still deserve lots of love and care.


Varför man säger 'en liten blomma' men 'lite svenska'? Är 'lite' pluralformer?


It's countable vs uncountable. svenska works like a mass noun, the same way we would say lite mjölk 'a little milk'.


Hi arnauti , please could you tell me why duolingo mobile is now mainly multiple choice. It has severly impaired my learning. This isnt a dig at the swedish team. You guys are awesomesauce. Im just curious


Yeah it isn't anything we can control, and it isn't specific to our course, it's a general Duo thing. So it's a question for the general forums, where it has indeed been discussed quite a bit lately. Here's a link to one post about how the desktop version has also been dumbed down: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/14171868
I suggest searching the general forums and participating in the discussions there.
The desktop version is still much better than the mobile, so if you have any chance at all I'd recommend working as much with that as possible rather than mobile. But while Duo has promised to address the issue, in practice they've only been making it easier so far, especially on mobile, but on desktop too.

ps thanks for calling us 'awesomesauce' :D


Will Duo let you offer short readings with multiple choice comprehension questions after the readings?


Thanks so so much, I hope its fixed soon! Siôn


Could someone explain thoroughly the use of lille and lilla, please ?

I guess I got liten and litet (and små for plural), no questions, but what are lille and lilla, then ?


Those are the definite singular forms. :)

lilla is the base form: den lilla katten, det lilla huset. Note that it has the same form for en-words and ett-words.

lille is an optional form for males: den lille pojken. It's a rest from when Swedish used to have masculine and feminine in the language.



So, if I get that correctly, the definitive form (in general, not just for this word) is not the plural, but happens to be the same as the plural in most cases, and does not for this one, right ?

And lille is optional, as it's practically never used ?


Yes, that's correct. It's by far the most normal case, though. I'd suggest considering it the rule, and the exceptions, well... exceptions.

The male form is common as well, so you can pick whichever option you prefer.


What is the meaning of this saying ? Can someone explain, please.


I had "Even one small flower needs a lot of water", but it wasn't accepted. Does saying "one" put too much stress on the "en" or something along those lines?


Yeah, I'd say so - though not quite an idiom, this reads as one, and I wouldn't translate it using "one" even it's strictly speaking correct.


I like this one.

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