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Portuguese/learning Error

When you're learning Portuguese there's a big difference on the "o" pronunciation when you play it normal and slow. I mean:

When you play it in normal speed it sounds like "u" (in spanish pronunciation) And when you play it slow, it sounds like "o" (in spanish pronunciation again)

And I'm pretty sure it should sounds always like "u" but anyway "u" or "o" shouldn't it sounds always the same way, normal or slow?

It must be an error.

Sorry if i'm wrong or if my english is not very clear or both, i'm still learning, and I just want to help Duolingo to get beter.

Thanks for reading.

July 22, 2013

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The TTS (text to speech) for Portuguese will be improved. There is some difficulty deciphering (especially for new learners). We're working on it!

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