"Ekorren sitter på bordet."

Translation:The squirrel is sitting on the table.

January 1, 2015

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Funny mnemonic: acorn. Squirrels love acorns.


Not just a mnemonic - going by the German (Eichhörnchen) the words should be related.


Reminds me of the French word, écureuil.


"écureuil" is my mnemonic, but apparently they are not related at all :D

According to Wiktionnary, "écureuil" is from greek σκίουρος (squirrel), that has for etymological meaning something like "shadow-tail", because a squirrel can do shadow with its tail... Yeah... So σκίουρος gave the latin word "sciurus". From this I let you imagine how it gave modern french word "écureuil" and english word "squirrel".

Apparently, Ekorren, on its side, with the german word "Eichhörnchen", comes directly from some proto-indo-european word which had already back then the same meaning it has today.


Is Ekorren not the name of a piece of Ikea furniture?


Everything IKEA sells have 'names', any noun or adjective or verb, instead of a number, Ivar Kamprad, who founded IKEA, started this system, because he remembers words much easier than numbers.


I used to wonder what they mean before I spoke Swedish, and now I just wonder how random they could make them.


That isn't a bad system in the least! Just, why are the names so random?


I suppose some people at Ikea have the best job ever :D


Are Swedish squirrels red ones or grey ones?


It depends on the season, on the type of squirrel, and on where in Sweden you are. :)


Can sittar here mean simply 'is', as in 'the squirrel is on the floor?'


I hope it isn't Ratatosk.


I almost typed the squirrel is sitting on the table, but resisted, opting for the standard version. I hope it would be accepted if I did. It is a literal and an idiomatic translation.


I'm not really sure what you put, to be honest. After all, "The squirrel is sitting on the table" is the default translation. :)


I assumed it would be "is" after all the other variations of that word for the placement of various items sitting, standing, laying, etc. on tables, beds, bookshelves, etc. :-)


What is the difference between sits and is sitting?


The English language differentiate between what 'is'(inherent fact) and 'what is going on right now' (a continuous action), and they do it with different verb-forms. A basic grammatical knowledge for English. Swedish language does not have different verb-conjugations for this, we have other ways of describing the continuous aspect. This Swedish sentence "Ekorren sitter på bordet" is what is going on right now: "It is sitting on the table". But here English could also use only 'is', the squirrel is on the table. Using only 'sits', would be in a context where you are for example talking about a squirrel you have seen a multiple times and it always sits on the same table when you see it.


I'm not sure if it has Dutch/other language roots but "ekor" means tail in Indonesian, so I'll go with that...?

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