"Vi äter vår lunch."

Translation:We are eating our lunch.

January 1, 2015

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How does the different words change depending on the words. I don't get it.


It depends on the context of the sentence.

It's like English. A same word can have two or more meanings, depending on the context, e.g please can mean: 1. ask for help 2. to satisfy someone

It's the same in Swedish. For example, "tack" can mean: 1. thank you 2. please depending on how you use the word. Hope the explanation helps you!


What is the difference between vår and våra?


vår for singular en nouns, våra for plural.
vår lunch 'our lunch'
våra böcker 'our books'


Would it be okay to say Vi äter sin lunch?


No, that only works in 3rd person, i.e. with ”han/hon/det/de”.



The voice is not quite perfect on this sentence, as of May 10th, 2018, so I've taken the liberty of re-recording it.

This one has a small, simple error - it says ve rather than vi. And while Swedish will quite often use somewhat different vowels in everyday speech than in what a language course is likely to use, that's not the case here. :)

Please find a correct recording on http://duolingo.vydea.io/abcd73f7c3684db7bfc0330a43f2ed45.mp3

For more info on re-recordings, please check the info thread: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/23723515

Thanks for listening. Ha en bra dag! :)


If you were not specifying lunch as being "our lunch" but lunch in general, would "We are eating lunch" just be "Vi äter lunch."?


it says that vara is plural, why would this sentence not be plural?


lunch is only singular. If we all eat different lunches, you could say Vi äter våra luncher. But then that would be 'We eat our lunches' in English.


Dictionary said vår means spring as in 'its spring time', why?


Voice definitely sounds like Det äter vår lunch


I accidentally typed "we eat our luncheon". Quite disappointed that it's incorrect


The sound is not vi it is de


It's more like ve, really. I don't know why it does this - it's actually the same in some other sentences as well. Quite annoying.


So what does vår/våra/vårt mean? Sorry, I'm new to this language and it would really help if someone could explain to me! :)


vår for singular en nouns, våra for plural. vår lunch 'our lunch' våra böcker 'our books'


what about vårt? Isn't it for ett nouns? Isn't lunch supposed to be an 'ett' noun?


No, lunch is an en-word.


Actually, now that I've read through the comments, I'm wondering what exactly is being said here? Are we all, collectively, eating from the same lunch? Like a picnic? Or is this referring to a lunch break, for example, where multiple people are eating 'our lunch' even though 'our lunch' is, in fact, several individuals' lunches?

In the second case, I would think this should read 'vi äter våra luncher,' as seen in Arnauti's comment above...


Any of the above works, really. I think the difference isn't normally that important, and that context makes it clear.


I made one typo and it didn't count

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