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"The points are given differently in tennis compared to basketball."

Translation:Pointene er givet anderledes i tennis i forhold til basketball.

January 1, 2015



Why not "Pointene gives anderledes ... (Etc)".? I.e. passive voice. I'm suspicious of the word-for-word translation.


"Pointene gives anderledes..." is a perfect translation. On another note: I wouldn't use "i forhold til" in Danish here, rather "..end i basketball", or, a tad odd, "...sammenlignet med basketball".


It is good that it is approved, but it also a much better translation to use the passive form of the verb give. The sentence as presented in Danish sounds as an English speaker who speaks in Danish. A more easy sounding sentence in Danish would be Pointene gives anderledes i tennis end i basketball.


"gives" accepteres nu.


The Duo translation is not Danish, so I tried this one: "Pointene bliver givet anderledes i tennis sammenlignet med basketball", and it was accepted! Being a Dane myself I would prefer this one: ""Pointene bliver givet forskelligt i tennis og basketball"

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Can anyone tell me why it is "er givet" instead of "bliver givet"?


Both are fine, I suppose 'bliver givet' is talking more about the action (get given), while 'er givet' is more just about the state of the points, a state of being given. I wouldn't worry about it too much


"Points er tildelt anderledes i tennis i forhold til basketball." Not accepted. "Points" is a borrowed word in Danish, so my question is, can one add "...ene" to make it "the points". According to Gyldendals Røde Ordbog, the Danish translation for the English "point" is "point". The article is "et", and the plural is "points".


Point officially doesn't change in plural, however, unofficially you're right, points is a legitimate translation for the indefinite plural, however, according to Den Danske Ordbog the definite plural is still only pointene.

Some borrowed words, like muffin can take the -sene definite plural ending, but I've actually asked Danes about it and I think most would use muffinerne or avoid using the article altogether despite the plural being muffins just because it sounds a little awkward


"Forskelligt" is marked wrong??


As it should, here it's talked about how the points are given in a way that actually differs from in another sport, so it should be 'anderledes'. 'Forskelligt' doesn't make sense, and I'm pretty sure that word doesn't even exist as an adverb


sorry boydi14, but the teddybear71 is right. "Forskelligt" could easily substitute for "anderledes". As a Dane I hear the word "forskelligt" ten times more often than "anderledes".


Time to watch some Danish sport.

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