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  5. "Six bowls on a table."

"Six bowls on a table."

Translation:Seks skåle på et bord.

January 1, 2015



Can someone please explane when to use 'et' and when to use 'en' ?


In Danish there are two grammatical genders:

Common - N-words
Neuter - T-words

There aren't many patters (other than words ending with -dom or -(n)ing for example, are almost always common.
Hopefully this post can help you a little more


This may sound stupid, but when I come to an 'et' word, I think of a reason why that thing is 'good.' So I think of neuter words as 'good.' I don't know why it is easier for me to remember the silly reasons I come up with, it just is. Then pretty soon they sound and look wrong without the 't.'


If you already know German or Dutch, then I think most neuter words from those languages are also neuter in Danish and most common (or specifically male/female in German) words are also common in Danish. Note that this is no more than a rule of thumb though, exceptions galore.

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