"Det har börjat snöa igen."

Translation:It has started to snow again.

January 1, 2015

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Slå dig loss, slå dig fri! (Couldn't help it....Lite snön har val aldrig stort mig!)


I wrote "It started snowing again." and it was a typo and corrected to "Its started snowing again.", which sounds wrong to me. Am I right?


No, I don't think you're right. If the sentence was "Det började snöa igen", then you would be right, but the sentence has "har" in it

Det har borjat = it has started or it's started.

Det började = It started

NOTE: You wrote that it corrected to Its started snowing again.". There is an error in that sentence. It should be It's started snowing again. There should be an apostrophe--which in this case would show that "It's" is a contraction (of either "It is" or "It has".) "Its" shows possession, as in "The dog bares its teeth.)


Could you also say "It has begun to snow again." ?


Yes, that works too.


Very apropos for me today. 3 days of warm temps and now snow.


Shouldn't "started snowing" be the default translation since it is more colloquial?


As an English speaker, I had almost forgotten how to say this in English because we never need to say it

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