"Tanten har gået hele dagen."

Translation:The aunt has walked all day.

January 1, 2015



So why do you say "Han er gået i seng" but "Tanten har gået hele dagen"? Does it have anything to do with the woman just walking around instead of walking in a certain direction?

January 1, 2015


When the aunt has started her walk it is "tanten er gået". When she has finished her walk it is "tanten har gået...".

He has gone to bed="han er gået i seng". When he gets up you could say "han har været i seng"="he has been to bed" but we would normally say "han er stået op"="he has gotten up".

January 2, 2015


I see. Thanks!

January 2, 2015


Why is "the aunt has been walking all day" not an acceptable answer?

June 4, 2016


Tanten...... old lady..... aunt.... what? Tant = an old lady right? Not specifically my aunt or an aunt?

January 11, 2018


Tante directly translates to "aunt". But it also can be an endearing term that children use for older women. Some English speakers also say "auntie" for women that are not related to them, I think.

February 8, 2018
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