"It is our child."

Translation:Det är vårt barn.

January 1, 2015

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    I've seen våra, vart, vårt, varat, and var. Very confused!


    Isn't vårt exactly identical to vår technically? Both words will create the same sentence basically?


    No, vårt is used with ett-words, and vår with en-words.


    Ahh I see, for me, knowing which words use ett or en is slightly tricky! Haha, thanks for the reply!


    Ok, now somebody would please explain to me where did this "vårat" come from? And, yeah, the difference between "vårat" and "vårt". Or is it the same named differently?


    vårat is a colloquial form for vårt, which should be accepted as input, but we don't really recommend using it in writing. It shouldn't be shown to you unless you happen to input something that the system thinks is similar to it. The system tries to match whatever you input to the closest accepted answer, so you may get shown things like this sometimes.


    Oh, tack så mycket!


    How do you differentiate the use of "Det" vs "Den" when saying "It"


    When you start talking about something or introduce a new concept, it's always det, regardless of the gender or number of the thing you're talking about.


    what is considered an (en word ) and is considered an (ett word)?


    It's irregular. You just have to learn it.


    Maybe you have figured this out by now but here it is:

    ett äpple - An apple en kvinna - A woman

    I guess we just have to learn which words goes with "ett" or "en"


    Yes? It's not gendered here. :)


    What is the difference between vart and var ??


    Lundgren8 explained it in a comment above.


    so, can you also say "den ar vart barn"


    No, I guess it's: Det är vart barn (because 'barn' is an ett-word)


    Yes it has to be Det är vårt barn, but not because barn is an ett word. It's because we're starting to talk about something new. det does not refer to the child, it's just a placeholder pronoun here. We would also say Det är vår hund. 'It is our dog' – not den.


    The scond sentence is not correct. I dont like incorrect sentences. Det är vårt flickan > der är vår flicka !


    It sounds like you got this as the 'select the correct sentence(s) out of three' type of exercise. I hate that type too but as far as I've been able to find out there's no way to disable it – either as a user or for us as course creators. The computer adds them and creates the incorrect options. You just have to choose the correct sentences to get past this type of exercise, I'm afraid.


    Couldn't we use "Dess" here?

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