"He is going to quit drinking coffee."

Translation:Han ska sluta dricka kaffe.

January 1, 2015

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Han kommer att sluta dricka kaffe. How does this sentence differ from the one above?


The one with kommer att is more of an objective prediction that this is going to happen. In Han ska …, there's somebody who wants this to happen, in this case, most likely he himself.


Why does "His parents will prevent him from going" (another sentence of this lesson) can't be "Hans föräldrar ska hinda honom från att åka", then ? It's flagged wrong, and someone in the comments says it's because it's more of a prediction, but it seems like the same case than here.


Why can't I say ska sluta att dricka kaffe?


sluta is a verb that doesn't require "att" to mark the infinitive. Some of the others: behöva, bruka, försöka, vilja


this sentence is a very unlikely one in Sweden, Duo ;-)

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