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"He will have created a center."

Translation:Hij zal een centrum gecreëerd hebben.

January 1, 2015



Why is zult not accepted here?


Zullen is an irregular verb:

  • Ik zal
  • Jij zal or jij zult (the latter sounds as a commandment to me)
  • U zal or u zult (again, the latter sounds as a commandment to me)
  • Hij/zij/het zal
  • Wij zullen
  • Jullie zullen
  • Zij zullen (plural)


Thanks! On the grammar notes for the Future Skill it says, "Both zal and zult are correct, but zal is considered informal", so I thought it was just a formal/informal distinction, but maybe it's more than that?


Ah, yes. That's with 'jij' and 'u'. 'Hij/zij/het' only have 'zal'. :)


Ah, of course! That makes perfect sense.


When there are three Es in a row as here, and the middle one has the trema, are they all pronounced separately? Or is the first pronounced as E and the second two as Ee?


No, not all separately. The trema means that this particular e is pronounced separately from the whole word. So actually it says gecre-eerd, but this looks ever weirder ;) It is the same for all letters with tremas I think, for example ideeën (ideas), you pronounce the e with trema like it is separated from the word idee, so you pronounce idee-en.


Why not "Zij zal hebben een centrum gecreëerd"?


Because other verbs go at the end of the sentence. Have a look here: http://www.dutchgrammar.com/en/?n=WordOrder.00


Why gecreeerd hebben and not hebben gecreeerd?

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