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"Chonaiceamar scáthanna ar an talamh agus bhí eagla orainn."

Translation:We saw shadows on the ground and we were scared.

January 1, 2015



Tá na nazgúl orainn!


The plural would probably be nazgúil. (Perhaps an nascghúl / na nascghúil would further hibernicize them.)


Why was "frightened" not acceptable here?


It just wasn't added as an alternative, but "frightened" is an perfectly reasonable translation in this case.


It wouldn't let me have 'fearful' - would that not be a valid translation?


You can report it, and it will probably be added as an acceptable alternative. "Fearful" isn't a particularly common synonym in this context, so it probably hasn't been suggested before.


Should it not be "ar an dtalamh"?


Only in Munster Irish. In the Caighdeán and in Connacht, you don't eclipse d and t (and in Ulster they lenite).

The exception for d and t (after certain prepositions and an)is mentioned in the Tips & Notes for the Eclipsis skill

An exception to this rule is that the word should not be eclipsed if it begins with d or t.

(Duolingo teaches the Caighdeán rules, but is usually fairly liberal about accepting dialect variations).


How would you translate afraid as opposed to scared?


"scanraithe" and "eagla a bheith ar" are both used as translations for "scared" and "frightened" and "afraid".


Your answers cover mine so i cannot see where i went wrong.


"Duolingo" doesn't read comments on sentence suggestions - the only people who will see this are other learners just like you.

If you want to tell Duolingo about a problem that you are having using the website or one of the various Duolingo apps, take a screenshot that demonstrates the problem, and submit a bug report with the screenshot and a detailed description of the version of Duolingo that you are using (iphone app, android app, website, the web browser you use, etc).


What exactly was wrong with my answer. “We saw shadows on the ground and we were afraid”


I wrote "we were frightened" Why is that wrong?


I'd like to know too: agus bhí eagla orainn and was fright on us and we were frightened (?)

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