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Het licht kind v Het licht[e] kind

Why is the correct saying:

Het lichte kind


As I understand, the [e] adjustments to adjectives only happen to the 'de' nouns.

So, with kind being a 'het' noun, why does it get given the [e] adjustment?

Many thanks

January 1, 2015


  • de grote hond

  • het grote huis

The distinction is made only when using the indefinite article "een"

  • een grote hond

  • een groot huis

This is the only instance when you use it without the "e". Plural, also, always gets the "e"


Thanks for replying.

So whenever the noun has a definitive article, we give it the [e] treatment, regardless of whether it is a de or het noun? (Generally speaking)



However, once one reaches the "Maps" unit, we have the word "het halfrond" - the hemisphere.

In this unit, there are multiple sentences similar to this::

"Dit is niet het oostelijk, maar het zuidelijk halfrond."

In all of these, the noun "halfrond" is taking a directional adjective without the "e", even when using the definite article "het".

What's up with that??

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