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Het licht kind v Het licht[e] kind

Why is the correct saying:

Het lichte kind


As I understand, the [e] adjustments to adjectives only happen to the 'de' nouns.

So, with kind being a 'het' noun, why does it get given the [e] adjustment?

Many thanks

January 1, 2015


  • de grote hond

  • het grote huis

The distinction is made only when using the indefinite article "een"

  • een grote hond

  • een groot huis

This is the only instance when you use it without the "e". Plural, also, always gets the "e"


Thanks for replying.

So whenever the noun has a definitive article, we give it the [e] treatment, regardless of whether it is a de or het noun? (Generally speaking)


Yes. Also note that some words act like een, for example

geen groot huis or zo'n groot huis



However, once one reaches the "Maps" unit, we have the word "het halfrond" - the hemisphere.

In this unit, there are multiple sentences similar to this::

"Dit is niet het oostelijk, maar het zuidelijk halfrond."

In all of these, the noun "halfrond" is taking a directional adjective without the "e", even when using the definite article "het".

What's up with that??


No clue. I'm out.

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