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Learn Swedish Words Before Adding "The" To Them

I was recently noticing that a lot of times Duolingo puts the Swedish word containing the word "The" in it, before having the actual word. For example, in the Clothing lesson I learned the word "tröjan" (THE sweater), before learning the word "tröja" (Sweater). So I was confused on the actual word "sweater", was it "tröj" or "tröja"? I just think it would be helpful if they showed the word first before adding "the".

January 1, 2015




When learning a language with genders you should always learn the word with the article, from the start. It could be the indefinite article in this case (en tröja) instead of the definite (tröjan) but it is not ambiguous, a can't be part of an article so as soon as you know that the -n is the definite article you know the word.


I'm not far in Swedish but if it were tröj wouldn't it have become something like tröjen in the definite form?


Yes, but either way most people probably wouldn't even know if it used "en" or "ett" so it could be different.

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