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  5. "Oibríonn na fir i bportach."

"Oibríonn na fir i bportach."

Translation:The men work in a bog.

January 1, 2015



I find this to be such a weird addition to this section.


Weird, but important ;)


Is that a secret Bord na Móna wink?


I bet it would be hard to say I work in the bog for the crab.


Although i am typing in irish it is telling me that i am typing in english very frustrating


Sentence Discussions are a user-to-user forum. If you need Technical Support, you should take a screenshot that demonstrates the issue, and submit it with a bug report. The people who can fix the sort of issue that you are describing don't read Sentence Discussions, and the people who read Sentence Discussions can't do anything to fix bugs.


I wrote the whole thing in Irish with ar instead of i and the program kept marking it written in English.


The only people reading your comments in a Sentence Discussion are other users. If you want to communicate with Duolingo staff about a technical issue that you are experiencing, then take a screenshot documenting the issue, and submit a bug report.


i think we'd have to use a screen recorder to actually provide them with a decent example of the problem, but thank you for the links


Screen recorder? Just a screen-shot showing the error message. PrtScr on a Windows machine (with or without ctrl/alt/shift. Win+Alt+S for even more control) or VolDown+Power on most Android devices is all you need.

Of course if this is actually an edge-case in a "Type what you hear" exercise (why else would you be putting the answer in in Irish?) a screen recording might make that clearer, but just mentioning that condition in the problem description would be almost as good, and a lot less trouble.


I typed in Irish but it won't accept


Just making sure that i have this down, bog is portach and bogs is portaigh, correct?


The nominative plural of portach is portaigh, but portaigh is also the genitive singular, so uisce portaigh is "bog water", and gás portaigh is "marsh gas", and i lár an phortaigh is "in the middle of the bog".


Yes, portaigh is the plural, but I've heard it used to also mean bog in a kind of singular sense when it's completely soaking wet and you can't cut for turf.


Go raibh maith agat!


How is this different from "The men are working in a bog" ?


Unlike many other European languages, both Irish and English differentiate between the simple present Oibríonn na fir i bportach - "The men work in a bog" and the present progressive Tá na fir ag obair i bportach - "The men are working in a bog". You can't translate a simple present sentence in Irish using the present progressive in English, or vice versa, because they do not mean the same thing.


why is portach eclipsed??


The preposition i eclipses a following indefinite noun.


But don't prepositions usually lenite the following noun?


Prepositions that lenite lenite. Prepositions that eclipse eclipse. Prepositions that don't do anything at all don't do anything. Some prepostions can lenite, or eclipse or do nothing at all, depending on circumstances.

When it comes to prepositions and indefinite nouns, there is no "usually".


Is it me, or does the pronunciation of "oibríonn" sound a little off?


I am totall throw by the womans pronunciations. .they sound noting like I've heard before..pronouncing oibrím as though it's spelt íbrím is just too weird and off-putting


That's how they pronounce it in Connacht, where this speaker is from.

You can hear a number of words starting with oibr- on teanglann.ie for comparison:



Perhaps they connaghtnt

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