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"He was swimming under the water."

Translation:Han simmade under vattnet.

January 1, 2015



I am confused about this one. Why isn't the answer "han simmar under vattnet". Surely, han simmade would translate to "he swam under the water"?


Han simmade = he swam or he was swimming
Han simmar = he swims or he is swimming


Not to mix upp with
Han svimmade = he fainted / he was fainting
Han svimmar = he faints / he is fainting


Yes, of course. It is actually English grammar I am getting wrong, as I was thinking that you could say he WAS swimming as present tense, when of course you can't! Thank you!


I know it's confusing, it makes my head swim sometimes ;)


Sometimes I think my Swedish grammar is better than my English (I am a native, and write for a living!)


I am still confused of why cant we say: 'Han var simma under vattnet.'


Men visst är det egentligen "sam" fast det används knappt, och istället har det blivit "simmade"...? Så har jag lärt mig i alla fall. Vet någon Svensk? :)

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