"Tidningen är gammal."

Translation:The newspaper is old.

January 1, 2015

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Isn't it supposed to be either ''den gamla tidningen'' or ''en tidning ar gammal''? I don't understand why the indefinite form of the adjective is used here, while ''tidningen'' = the newspaper. It would be amazing if someone could explain this!


It only happens when the adjective stand before the noun (in technical terms attributively) and not when it stands after the verb here (predicatively). So you’d indeed say ”Den gamla tidningen” but you cannot say ”Tidningen är gamla.”


Thank you! I was a bit confused but your answer cleared it up. :)


Is ''gammal'' used to describe people as well?


New to this but I believe so. There are other questions in this section which refer to grandparents being old. Min farfar är gammal... or similar.


Yes, certainly. I'd even say it's the best way of stating that a person is old. :)


It was clearly spoken as gammal so that's what I put and got it right, but as Flosikking above stated it wasn't obeying the rules as laid out to us. Lundgren8, a moderator has explained, and I thank him. I think the adjectival rules are possibly the most complex of all the rules so far!! Please tell me it doesn't get worse

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