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  5. "My cats are white."

"My cats are white."

Translation:Mina katter är vita.

January 1, 2015


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I think I may have missed something. What is the difference between vitt and vitta?


Vitt is for ett-words in the singular, vita is for plural.


what is better here: katter or katterna?


After a possessive, you can’t have it in the definite form, so you’d have to say katter.


So it's 'ankan är svart' (no change of the ending of the adjective, even though 'ankan' is in the definite case), but 'mina katter är vita (ie, change to the ending of the adjective). What is the rule? It can't be the rule that the adjective doesn't change when a predicative construction is used (that would be the case in both sentences). Is the rule that the adjective changes when the noun is in the plural form? Or does the adjective change when the noun is accompanied by a possessive pronoun?


According to my knowledege, Scruffy, predicative adjectives also must have agreement with the noun, just like the atributive ones.


In number and gender


So I just mentioned this in the previous question's forum section: It had handske pronounced differently than in the app (and I think more correctly) and this one pronounces "är" differently. On the website it's more like the english "air" and on the app it's more like the english "are." Should there be so many differences in pronunciation between the app and the website??

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