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Courses missing from profile

I'm wondering why all the courses I'm taking aren't shown in my profile. For example when I have French from English course active I can't see the English from Russian and vice versa. Also some of the translation tiers are missing, only the French from English is shown. The Swedish course which is in beta is shown so that can't be the reason.

The English course does not show XPs either, only the level 6 which might be incorrect. The other level shown in discussion threads is 10. Or is that something else? At least in other languages it matches to the levels.

January 1, 2015



The courses are organized and separated on this site by source language. Any languages not using English as the source language (English from Russsian, for example) aren't shown when learning languages from English (French from English) and vice versa. I don't understand your other questions, so I can't answer those.


Thanks a lot for the information! In the second question I was thinking about this:

When studying English there is number 6 seen in the profile. That is in the yellow circle, upper right corner of the profile (the same place where there are usually languages and XPs). But in my messages like this one also, there is number 10 next to the US flag. Which one is the correct level? Or does the other one of them mean something else than the level?

EDIT. Actually I noticed now that in the message there is 9 instead of 10 for English. My mistake :) Anyway, I'm still wondering the difference in them.

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