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  5. "The car turned."

"The car turned."

Translation:Bilen drejede.

January 2, 2015



"Bilen vendte" not accepted. Are there any suggestions as to why this is wrong. As I understand it, "at vende" is "to turn", also.


I would only use "bilen vendte" for a u-turn, but i'm not sure if "the car turned" could describe a u-turn or whether you have to add "around".

"Vend" usually means "doing a 180".

"Vend pandekagen"="flip the pancake".

"De fik vendt kampen"="they turned the game around".

"Spejlvendt"=something being the mirror image of something else (the image in the mirror itself is a "spejlbillede".

"Vendepunkt"= turning point.



Thanks again tddk. I have searched extensively for a suitable explanation, but no luck so far. Your explanation sounds logical.


It is accepted now. (07/17)

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