"I live close to my parents."

Translation:Jag bor nära mina föräldrar.

January 2, 2015

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nära is a preposition here


So, is nära matching the plural in föräldrar? Or is it just ending in an 'a' for another reason?


why can't I write vid instead of nära?


I wrote, "Jag bor nära mina föräldrars," and the owl told me I had a typo in my answer. The hover feature had suggested the s on föräldrars, and I thought it was the same as in English: i.e., you use the possessive form as the word "home" is implicit. At any rate, there is a discrepancy between the hovered suggestion and the preferred translation. Could my sentence also be correct?


I think that’s a mistake with the hovered suggestions that it adds -s where it shouldn’t. Swedish does not use the possessive -s when talking about homes as English does however. Your sentence would not be correct.


I can confirm that, there's a bug that makes the hint for words like parents' (='föräldrars') show up on the word without the apostrophe.


Oh well. I know better than to rely on the hover feature; they are just suggested translations of individual words...


Can you say "till mina foraldrar"?

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