"Vad är det för siffra?"

Translation:What digit is it?

January 2, 2015

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Doesn't "siffra" also mean "number"? I tried that as an answer here, but it wasn't accepted, even though it was accepted before with another sentence with "siffra".


I've notified that "vad är det för" seems to be some kind of construction. It appeared earlier in "vad är det för fel" and now it's appearing here. Does this just mean "What is..." or does it have some specific sort of meaning. Also, where is it used?


The combination is rather vad för. It's not possible to translate What figure is it? with just vad, your options are either vilken ('which'), used as Vilken siffra är det? or Vad är det för siffra?.

vad can't be used on its own to mean 'what kind of' or 'what' as in 'which' (choice from a group). So you can say Vad äter du? 'What are you eating?' since that's an open question, but only Vad för mat äter du?/Vad äter du för mat? for 'What food are you eating?' (or again, Vilken mat äter du?) since here we're choosing from a group of options.


So the more precise it gets, the more precise the language to reflect? That is a hard rule to remember and harder to wrap my braina round


What's wrong with "what figure is that?"


I thought that would be a valid answer too


What about "What is the digit?"?


What's wrong with "which digit is it?"


Is this an idiomatic construction, or would "vilken siffra är det?" work? Thanks!


It's a way of asking what kind of figure it is.


I translated "vad är det för siffra" as "what sort of figure is it" meaning what type of number. Is that the meaning of the question? Like, is it big/small or a percentage or net/gross profit or something.


'Vilken siffra är det?' works too.


If 'Vad är det för' is a construction used to choose between a set of options, then how do you say 'What is it for' as in, what is it used for?


Vad är den till för?


I see, what's the purpose of the 'till'?


till in vara till för is a particle, meaning it's always stressed. We have a lot of particle verbs. The particle together with the verb creates a new unit with a different meaning from what the verb means on its own. Sometimes a small change in meaning, something it means something totally different. So particle verbs allow us to express more nuances of meaning without having a separate word for each and every one of them.

Basically vara means 'be' and vara till means 'exist', so with the preposition för, we get the meaning 'be for' as in 'be meant for' or 'be used for'.


Oh ok, I will try to remember that. Also I can't seem to comment on the app anymore. I can't actually get onto the comment section.


Could be something temporary – Duo is having massive problems with site performance and they're working around the clock to try to fix them. Let's hope it isn't a new permanent bug because heaven knows we have enough of them already.


Could siffra also mean mark as in: i have marked your paper and you get an eight

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