Missing XPs

Yesterday I lost over 120 XPs. I was not alone. My entire list of followers showed as having zero XPs. The count restarted from that zero for the week on Wednesday.

January 2, 2015


I think you are referring to the reset of weekly and monthly skills. Those 2 were reset with the year. I am pretty sure your all time count still remains the same. Happy learning!

Monthly and weekly reset What is that? I have been member of Duolingo over a year and never have have seen my week's build up of XPs eliminated in the middle of the week before. They are reduced to zero on Sunday, that is when the weekly "reset" occurs and the new week begins. Why would that occur on Sunday then again three days later?

I haven't been around that long but noticed it this time round :)

Well, if DL is doing monthly and annual resets it must be for the purpose of reseting counts. So, where are the counts for the months and the years shown?

Duolingo shows current week, current month and All Time stats, no yearly stats as of now. All of these can be seen in the leaderboard.

With the new year, the current week and current month stats were reset to zero. The All Time stats remained unchanged.

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