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How's 'qu' and 'ch' pronounced in swedish?

I've heard many audios pronounced 'qu' in 'quiche' only like english k in kind but the book(Teach Yourself) says it is pronounced /kv/. I heard the cd of the book(Teach Yourself) pronouncing ch in 'quiche' like english sh in she but many online dictionaries pronounce it like english h in he? How are these combination pronounced exactly?

January 2, 2015



Being an unadulterated loanword, quiche should be pronounced as in French, so something like "kish". How people pronounce it in practice might differ from this...

You won't find many instances of qu in Swedish words that aren't recent/obvious loanwords. The pronunciation of ch varies depending on the word: in och it's "k", in chans it's "sh" and so on.


I want to point out that the <ch> in och is usually silent. It can be pronounced as a 'ck' when emphasized, but usually och is pronounced identically to the letter å.


This really depends on the dialect and on how formal the conversation is.


It actually doesn't. och is 'ock' when emphasized or when used in careful speech, otherwise it's pronounced as 'å' (and usually short because it's an unstressed word). There is not a single Swedish speaker who would consistently pronounce "och" with a /k/ in normal speech.


Sigh. I guess I'm a unicorn then. And so are all the native Swedish speakers around me.


Like most native speakers, you probably don't think about how you pronounce words when you aren't conscious about how you are pronouncing them. Most Swedes have simply learnt that "och is pronounced ock" and they stick by that because it's what's true when the word is being singled out and emphasized. In casual speech, the 'ch' is silent, but you don't think about it because that's the entire point of a casual pronunciation.

Consider these phrases:

"Jag går och fiskar"
"Det var du och jag mot världen"
"Kom och ta mig långt härifån"
"Du ger mig inga löften och du ställer inga krav"

If you say them out loud, as if you were speaking casually, would you honestly pronounce the "och"s here with a k?

Just to be clear, I'm not claiming that och is never pronounced 'ock'. I'm simply stating that most of the time, when we're speaking casually, it's not.


You'll find qu pronounced /kv/ in surnames which use it instead of kv, such as "Sandquist" or the like. Otherwise, it's like annika_a tells it above.

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