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"My sister not only buys a dress, but also a hat."

Translation:Mijn zus koopt niet alleen een jurk, maar ook een hoed.

January 2, 2015



I wrote -

  • "mijn zus koopt niet enkele jurk, maar ook een hoed"
  • "mijn zus koopt niet enige jurk, maar ook een hoed"

Google translate says they mean -

  • "my sister does not buy a single dress, but also a hat"
  • "my sister does not buy any dress, but also a hat"

Lesson learnt.

March 15, 2018


Ok, someone please explain the difference between 'pet' and 'hoed' to me. No Dutch person has yet to give me a satisfactory answer.

January 2, 2015


Why is "enkel", as translation for "only", not correct ?

August 14, 2018


Because "niet enkele jurk" means "not a single dress"

Take a look at my comment above.

August 14, 2018


The English version is not correct. It should be "not only buys.. but also buys" or "buys not only.. but also".

I was surprised that the Dutch version followed the correct structure. I literally translated the English version and got it wrong.

Lesson learnt: Grammar (Parallelism) is important in any language.

August 9, 2019
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