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  5. "Författare skriver böcker."

"Författare skriver böcker."

Translation:Authors write books.

January 2, 2015



An author = en författare; the author = författaren; authors = författare; the authors = författar(na)??

I'm not sure about the plural definite noun.


It's författarna.


As a general rule, -are has no indef plural but the def plural goes with the word's gender.


Why not "author writes books"?


If it were singular, Swedish would've had the indefinite article en in there.


But "en" in not a thing before professions, right?


I love it when swedish words almost sound like german words. Författare=Verfasser It just makes it so much easier :)


Sara, I know Spanish, too (I'm a native English speaker) and even knowing Spanish I see the connection between it and Swedish. And regardless of that, even knowing another language makes it so much easier to understand the whys and hows of a new language (ie. adjectives matching in number & gender, word order, different word cases and recognizing them to choose the right verb, etc.) Already I've come across several aspects of Swedish that I don't think I would have easily "gotten" if I didn't know Spanish. I'd have thought "wtf?" haha... and gotten frustrated.

[deactivated user]

    They also murder the people in those books, and brutally rip out the hearts of the readers and leave them to drown in a sea of tears and eternal sorrow while they laugh and fist bump the devil.


    Writer actually worked as an answer. It's what i selected from the first go. Made more sense to choose the specialized form


    don't get it...I thought all plurals ended with or..I thought this was Författaror


    Författare=Author=Authors So why am i wrong? I am confused.


    I'd say it need "en" to be singular :

    En författare = Author Författare = Authors


    Writers write writings


    Yay, I've learned a new word! Now, let's see if I can remember it as time goes by ...

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