how do i change the coach settings back so i don't save to reach a goal each day and how do i know how much more xp i need to reach the next level because it stopped telling me for unknown reasons

January 2, 2015

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Unfortunately once you set the coach, there's no way back.

For further info/help check these out:

Set the goal to 1xp. That is what it was before the Coach. Check your profile page to see if you can see how many xp you have per language and how many you need for the next level. Not everyone can see this on the profile page, but if you cannot I can (A/B test some can) so right now here is your information:

Spanish - Level 7

Next level: 217 XP

Total XP: 908 XP

You can set your goal to 1XP which is the same as it used to be before the Coach arrived.

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