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  5. "As fotos são originais."

"As fotos são originais."

Translation:The pictures are original.

July 22, 2013



In english we can say the photos are originals...


I'd say they are more usually called "the originals".


I am a native English speaker. The plural can be used but is optional.

[deactivated user]

    Yes, but meanings are different, The photos are originals = first prints, not copies.

    The photos are original can mean that the composition or subject matter is unusual.


    Agreed. The ever so slight nuance does make a difference in meaning.


    quite right - if the photos are unusual, never seen before, you would say they are "Original" but if they are the first print they are "originals" is there a different word in Portuguese to differentiate?


    Same word for two meanings.

    "New idea" and "not copy/forgery"

    [deactivated user]

      If I mean to ask if the pictures are the the originals or copies", would I say "As fotos são as originais?"


      What if it is a picture and not a photo? Like a pencil drawing, what word is used to mean picture?


      Drawing.. desenho; painting.. quadro; image or TV picture.. uma imagem. As far as I know.

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