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Translation of Vocabulary lists

Absolutely love Duolingo, cannot believe it's free. But I really need a translation of my vocab list from German to English so I can use other sites such as Quizlet to engrain the vocab into my knowledge and then focus on the grammar with Duolingo. Does anyone know if this will be implemented?

July 22, 2013



I've found if I hover over the word on the list (not the highlighted one) it gives it to me in English (it took me awhile to figure it out). I don't know if that is the simple trick you are looking for though. It would be very tedious for large lists.


I believe you just hover over the bold word in the list. You might have to copy and paste each word individually to put it on Quizlet. I might suggest that you copy and paste all of your words to an excel spreadsheet and then upload them to Quizlet. This might save you a lot of time. Good luck :)

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