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"Dette vejnavn er portugisisk."

Translation:This road name is Portuguese.

January 2, 2015



Vej is street isn't it? Why road name?


No. "Vej" is "Road", but "Street" is "Gade".


In native English "street name" and "road name" are used fairly interchangeably. We are far less strict about what is a street and what is a road.


Perhaps, but that doesn't make it correct, and Duo is quite right to teach the difference. https://www.vocabulary.cl/english/street-road-difference.htm


The bigger problem is that ‘road name’ is not idiomatic English, at least in my dialect. I would say ‘the name of this road’ or ‘this road's name’ before ‘this road name’. For that matter, even for a rural gravel road that I would never call a ‘street’, I'd still be more likely to say ‘street name’ than ‘road name’.

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